Manual checks have concluded that all customer load appears to be fully functional again.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused here. Investigations have revealed that this one is our fault. We received multiple notifications for racks in this datacentre, and mistakenly believed them to have the same dates on them. We will implement a policy change so that notices of this nature receive closer scrutiny from more members of staff.

For customers who have a service level agreement that was breached by this outage, please drop us a line if you wish to claim against it; any claims relating to this incident are pre-approved and will be fast-tracked.

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We believe all affected customer load to be back up and running again, but manual checks are in progress to make sure this is the case.

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Power has been rerouted for the affected equipment: things should improve in the coming minutes.

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We have identified that power maintenance that we expected to start next weekend has started today.

Unfortunately this has had the impact of taking out the equipment that we shifted last weekend ahead of the last power maintenance, and for two dedicated server customers that had not yet been moved ahead of the currently occurring power maintenance (which was expected next weekend).

We are rerouting power for the affected devices, and will get services back online for impacted customers shortly.

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