Firmware Upgrades - Telehouse East - rt0.the / rt3.the

1 hour and 30 minutes

The maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


We need to carry out a firmware upgrade and reload on two core routers (rt0.the & rt3.the) in Telehouse East.

Each router will be reloaded one after the other and should not be down for more than 15 minutes each.

Customers directly terminated on each router will see a total outage whilst that router is reloading.

While we will divert as much traffic away from each router before it gets restarted, customers elsewhere on the network or transiting through these routers are likely to experience four total periods of instability and routing changes.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this essential maintenance.

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Affected components
  • Core Network Functions
    • Layer 3 (SOV)
    • Layer 3 (THE)
    • Layer 3 (THN)
    • Layer 3 (VLT)
    • Layer 2 (SOV)
    • Layer 2 (THE)
    • Layer 2 (THN)
    • Layer 2 (VLT)