No more instability has been observed.

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After works by the carrier, this circuit has been observed up and stable for 6 hours - we are returning it to production.

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An internmittent fault has been identified between Sovereign House and Volta, commencing at 16:02, causing repeated loss and restoration of signal over the last hour.

The repeated up/down nature of this fault caused disruption to layer3 (IP) traffic entering or exiting from SOV or VLT sites.

We have reported the case to the dark fibre carrier for this circuit and have in the meantime shut down this link entirely.

In the meantime, our London metro network is operating at reduced redundancy and should be considered At Risk.

Apologies for the disruption caused. We'll update this case as things develop.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Core Network Functions
    • Layer 3 (SOV)
    • Layer 3 (VLT)
    • Layer 2 (SOV)
    • Layer 2 (VLT)
  • Connectivity
    • Backhaul Services